Worst diseases in history

For a very long time the world has been facing one or another pandemics or epidemics. Scientists did their research and put the details in front of the world and for many diseases. Many of the worst diseases in history appeared which we will discuss.

  1. AIDS (1981- present):

It is claimed that till date around 35 million people have died globally because of AIDS since it first appeared. It is believed that HIV which causes AIDS was developed from chimpanzee virus that was transmitted to humans in West Africa and then it spread globally and became a pandemic in the late 20th century. Right now, in sub saharan Africa, there are about 60% of the population that is living with HIV virus. Till date vaccines are not produced for this pandemic, however now treatment is possible and people can lead a healthy life with the treatment on going.

  1. H1N1 Swine Flu (2009-2010):

H1N1 swine flu was caused by H1N1 strain in Mexico before spreading worldwide. It has been recorded that this virus has infected 1.4 billion people globally in just one year and killed a huge population somewhere between 151,700 and 575,400 people.

This infection mainly affected children and old aged people. Around 80% of deaths were reported in old aged people. It was not easy to believe on the fact that most of the flu viruses do not cause this much deaths in old aged people and most of the old aged people developed immunity against the virus.

  1. West African Ebola (2014-2016):

One of the worst diseases in history was Ebola which was spread widely in Africa in 2014 to 2016 with 28600 infected cases and 11,325 deaths. First case was reported in Guinea in December 2013 and then it spread fastly to other parts of Africa. Huge number of infected persons and deaths were reported in infected areas. There is no specific cure for Ebola till date, however scientists are still putting their efforts to produce vaccines.

  1. Corona virusĀ (2019- present):

Corona virus infection was first reported in December in 2019 in a city called Wuhan in china. After it spread in almost every country of the world and became a pandemic with 2,406,745 reported cases worldwide and 165,257 deaths till date and still the world is fighting against this crisis. The main infection causing strain is COVID-19 which is a mutated corona virus. Scientists are working hard to produce vaccines against this pandemic. Let us hope for good news soon.

These are the worst diseases in history which became pandemic.

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