Headache treatment at Home

Headache is a common condition which most of the people face in  daily life due to several reasons. From uncomfortable to unbearable, it could be of any level and can disturb your life as with a headache you are not able to focus properly. Basically there are 2 types of headaches: Primary and Secondary. Primary headaches happen due to hyperactivity or tension like migraine pain and tension headaches. While secondary headaches can be a symptom of some disease which triggers the pain sensitive nerves in the brain. However, nothing to worry as there is  headache treatment at home. Let us see how.

  1. Drink more water:

Drinking water helps in solving many health problems. It has been proved that dehydration is the cause of migraine and headaches in many cases. Drinking water helps in getting rid of the primary headaches effectively. It is advisable to drink more water every day and eat water rich foods.

  1. Magnesium:

Magnesium is one of the trace elements which is required by our body to perform various functions properly like nerve transmission and controlling the blood sugar.

It is also considered as a safe and effective remedy for headache. It has been seen that magnesium deficiency causes migraine headaches. You can take 600mg of oral dose of magnesium citrate to reduce the frequency and severity of headache. At initial level, it can diarrhoea in some people, so better start with small doses.

  1. Get enough sleep:

Next headache treatment at home is getting adequate sleep daily. It maintains the health of the mind and body. Lack of sleep is one of the reasons behind headaches in some people. However, too much sleep is also detrimental for health and causes headaches and dullness. So it is advisable to take an ideal sleep of 7 to 9 hours at a comfortable spot.

  1. Essential oils:

Essential oils are the concentrated oils which contain therapeutic compounds from different types of plants. Because of their therapeutic properties that are used in treating headaches by using topically or sometimes ingested. Most common essential oils for headaches are peppermint oil and lavender oil which you can apply on the temples and massage for sometime to get rid of headache.

  1. Cold compress:

Cold compress helps in soothing the pain. Applying cold compress around the neck and head are where you feel pain helps in constricts the blood vessels, decreases inflammation, slows down the nerve conduction which helps in reducing the headache.

These are some effective headache treatments at home which you can try.

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