Ayurvedic medicine benefits

Ayurveda is a vedic science which has been practising in our country for about 5000 years. It is a science which works on the basis of the nature of the body. There are 3 doshas in our body: Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. When there is disbalance in these doshas, we get sick and face problems. There could be many reasons behind imbalance of doshas like lifestyle disorders, bad eating habits, smoking, etc. To correct the imbalance of doshas we need to take ayurvedic medicines which work not just on the basis of symptoms, but on the root cause of the disease. 

Every person has a different body type depending on the metabolism, composition, digestion and several other factors. Therefore, the reatement will also vary accordingly as in ayurveda, the main focus is on the main causes of the diseases. There are many ayurvedic medicine benefits like:

  1. Helps in lowering stress and anxiety:

Stress is the cause of many diseases in the body, so the main purpose of ayurvedic treatment is to reduce stress and anxiety. So they suggest patients do breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, herbal treatments, repeating inspirational mantras, skin brushing, etc which helps in relaxing the mind and nerves. Pranayam, which is a collection of several breathing exercises help in calming the nerves, improves the blood pressure in the upper body and regulates the hormonal balance.

  1. Helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol:

Ayurveda focuses on a healthy diet according to the body type. It includes, juices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Proper Ayurvedic diet and relaxation technique helps in maintaining the normal blood pressure and also helps in treating the atherosclerosis and inflammation in the body. 

  1. Helps in recovering from injuries and illness:

Ayurvedic medicine benefits is that Ayurveda helps in the healing of any injury and recovering from long illness. Ayurvedic medicine along with the yoga and ayurvedic massages helps in reducing the inflammation in the body, healing of the injuries by targeting the muscle, reduce the pain and swelling and improves the blood circulation.

  1. Promotes a balanced and healthy diet:

Ayurvedic medicines are mostly plant based and free of side effects. Ayurvedic diet is decided on the basis of body type and requirements and it includes all the necessary herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, oils, etc which soothe the body and heal it deeply. Ayurvedic diet also includes healthy fats, proteins and antioxidant rich foods.

There are a lot of Ayurveda medicine benefits which helps in complete wellness of the body without harming it.

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