Hi my friend,

I want to say thank you for coming by this website, you're in for a treat because I have some very helpful information for you that will help you take your affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing business to the next level!

So let's get started shall we. My name is Jonathan Omar and I'm from Pennsylvania, I finished high school and only done one year of college, then figure it out it wasn't for me so I quit. Also go and check out the best site on the internet about affiliate and multi Level Marketing 

My parents hate that I quit college, the reason why is because they thought that college would be a good way for me to get a find a career, and earn good money... But boy was they wrong! I will explain to you why. Also go watch this great video on Legendary Marketer right here.

See our whole life from the time we come into this world to the day we die we are being taught  how to live our life on this Earth, but the truth is… and what I believe... is that God created all of us to follow our own dreams in life, and not let someone else tell us how to live it up.

So that first year college made me realize, that this isn't what I want to do, that's when I decided to become an entrepreneur and make money! A lot of people called me crazy and said I was stupid for dropping out, but I'm glad that I didn't listen to them because if I would have, I  would've been a miserable person.

So I dropped out of college and the first thing I did was went and got a job, because I needed a way to earn some money to start my own business, and I just knew that no one was going to just give me money without me working for them.

So I worked about 2 years and searched for what I wanted to do, first thing I did was went on the internet because I just knew it was a very powerful tool that people were using to make boatloads of cash! Most people are skeptical of make money online opportunities but me, I saw that as something huge!

The thing is with the internet it can be very tricky also, why do I say that? Because people will scam you very fast online, and I had to learn that the hard way.

So if you're reading this article, just know before you get involved with anything online make sure you do some in-depth research and see what that company is all about my friend, because I don't want you to lose your shirt.

So the first company, or should I say affiliate program I joined was called Instant Profits Fast… I mainly joined it because there was a lot of hype around it, everywhere I looked people were talking about how good it was, how much money they were making, how that program completely changed their lives  Etc…

What I did was joined the program based off from the hype alone,  I didn't go out there and do a background check on the company or the owner like I should have, and I lost $700 because of it, so that's why I'm telling you my friend, make sure you do this at least for a couple of days.

So let's jump into how to make money online, or work from home and affiliate marketing.

The first thing you need to know when joining any business on the internet, is like I said above... make sure you check the background of the company, make sure the owner has integrity and has already have had success in other businesses.

Next thing you need to do is check out the product, make sure that is something you feel comfortable with promoting, the reason why I say this because if you don't like the product you're not going to be able to sell it to anyone because the passion won't be there.

last thing is check out the commission  percentage,  most companies out there are not going to pay you but 10% to 15% on any sale, but there are a few out there that will pay you 50% to 70% look for those. Trust me you will be glad you did.

Well that about sums it up for this article my friend. I wish you much success and if you need any help with anything don't be afraid to look me up on social media or send me an email. Heck you can even call me if you want I always answer my phone. Peace and blessings.